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Nf En 13670 Pdf Download

Nf En 13670 Pdf Download - A Guide to the French Standards for Ultra-High Performance Fiber-Reinforced Concrete

Ultra-high performance fiber-reinforced concrete (UHPFRC) is a type of concrete that has exceptional mechanical and durability properties, such as high compressive and tensile strength, ductility, abrasion resistance, and fire resistance. UHPFRC is achieved by using a low water-to-cement ratio, fine aggregates, fibers, and sometimes thermal treatment. UHPFRC has been used for various structural and non-structural applications in France since the 1990s, such as bridges, buildings, tunnels, facades, and sculptures.


In order to ensure the quality and safety of UHPFRC structures and components, France has developed a series of standards that cover the specification, design, execution, and testing of UHPFRC. These standards are based on the technical consensus expressed in the AFGC Recommendations, which are guidelines issued by the French Association of Civil Engineering (AFGC) in 2013. The standards also incorporate the feedback from 20 years of experience in UHPFRC projects and realizations in France.

The main standards for UHPFRC in France are:

  • NF P18-470: This standard relates to the specification, performance, production, and conformity of UHPFRC. It is a self-supporting document that follows the same outline as NF EN 206/CN, the French standard for ordinary structural concrete that is consistent with the European standard. It covers both structural and non-structural UHPFRC with metallic fibers and characteristic compressive strength higher than 150 MPa. It also details the test protocols and methods for determining the relevant UHPFRC characteristics, such as compressive strength, tensile behavior, shrinkage, creep, durability indicators, etc.

  • NF P18-710: This standard stands as a national complement to Eurocode 2 for the design of UHPFRC structures (both buildings and bridges). It provides provisions for designing UHPFRC structures or components to withstand various actions, such as mechanical loads, fire, earthquakes, etc. It also gives guidance on the serviceability limit states, the ultimate limit states, the detailing of reinforcement, and the structural analysis methods.

  • NF P18-451: This standard complements the standard for execution of concrete structures, NF EN 13670/CN. It specifies the requirements for formwork, casting, curing, post-tensioning, and assembling of UHPFRC structures or components. It also defines the geometrical tolerances and the quality control procedures.

These standards are intended to help maintain the quality of UHPFRC realizations and promote their wider acceptability in France and abroad. They are also expected to facilitate the innovation and development of new UHPFRC applications and solutions.

If you want to learn more about these standards or download them in PDF format, you can visit the official website of AFNOR, the French Association for Standardization.


  • AFGC Recommendations on Ultra-High Performance Fibre-Reinforced Concretes (UHPFRC), revised edition 2013.

  • NF P18-470: Bétons fibrés à ultra-hautes performances (BFUP) - Spécification - Performance - Production - Conformité.

  • NF EN 206/CN: Béton - Spécification - Performance - Production et conformité.

  • NF P18-710: Bétons fibrés à ultra-hautes performances (BFUP) - Calcul des structures en BFUP.

  • Eurocode 2: Design of concrete structures.

  • NF P18-451: Bétons fibrés à ultra-hautes performances (BFUP) - Exécution des ouvrages en BFUP.

  • NF EN 13670/CN: Exécution des structures en béton.

AFNOR: Association française de normalisation.


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