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Mirumo De Pon Episode 1 English Sub 11

Mirumo de Pon Episode 1 English Sub 11

Mirumo de Pon, also known as Mirmo Zibang or Wagamama Fairy Mirumo de Pon, is a Japanese anime series based on the manga of the same name by Hiromu Shinozuka. The series follows the adventures of Kaede Minami, a cheerful eighth-grader who finds a magical mug that summons a fairy named Mirumo, the prince of the muglox world. Together with Mirumo and her friends, Kaede learns about love, friendship, and magic.

The first episode of Mirumo de Pon aired in Japan on April 6, 2002 and was titled "Mirumo Arrives!". In this episode, Kaede buys a colorful cocoa mug from a mysterious shop and wishes for her crush, Setsu Yuuki, to fall in love with her. To her surprise, a fairy named Mirumo pops out of the mug and tells her that he can grant her wish if she gives him chocolate. However, Mirumo is not very cooperative and prefers to eat chocolate and play pranks. Kaede also discovers that her classmate, Azumi Hidaka, has a fairy of her own named Rirumu, who is Mirumo's fiancée. The episode ends with Kaede and Mirumo becoming friends and deciding to help each other with their problems.


The first episode of Mirumo de Pon was dubbed in English by Viz Media and aired on Cartoon Network in 2006 as part of the Toonami block. The English dub changed some of the names and details of the characters and the story, such as calling Mirumo "Mirmo" and Kaede "Katie". The English dub also added some jokes and references to American culture. The eleventh part of the first episode in English can be found online on [YouTube].

Mirumo de Pon is a popular anime series that has won several awards, such as the Kodansha Manga Award for children's manga in 2003 and the Japan Media Arts Festival Excellence Prize for animation in 2004. The series has also spawned several sequels, spin-offs, video games, and merchandise. Mirumo de Pon is a fun and heartwarming anime that appeals to both children and adults who enjoy comedy, romance, and fantasy.


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